About the Zen Center of Denver

Welcome to the online home of the Zen Center of Denver. We are a Buddhist sangha (community) offering Zen Buddhist practice and training. The Zen Center of Denver is associated with the Diamond Sangha, an international affiliation of practice centers and teachers in the Harada-Yasutani line of Zen Buddhism, as taught and transmitted by the Western Zen pioneer Robert Aitken Roshi.

The primary practice of the Zen Center of Denver is zazen, seated meditation. Zazen is the heart of Zen practice and is both the full expression of inherent enlightenment, and the means of uncovering that enlightenment. However Zen Practice is not just sitting in stillness, it is expressed in all our daily activities. This is particularly important at a lay (non-monastic) center

The Zen Center of Denver is located in an historic building in the Highlands neighborhood near the intersection of Speer and Federal Boulevards in northwest Denver, at 3101 W 31st Avenue. A map can be found here.

Please contact the office if you have questions or need additional information at 303-455-1500 or office@ZenCenterofDenver.org.