Dokusan, the private encounter between teacher and student, is one of the three pillars of Zen training. It can be likened to a chick pecking from the inside of the egg and the hen pecking from the outside of the egg, teacher and student working together that the student may break through the shell of delusion and come to self-realization. The purpose of dokusan is to discuss problems directly relating to your practice, to receive instruction in mindfulness training (and to report on the particular mindfulness efforts given), to demonstrate the results of work on your practice, and testing and validation of koan investigation.
-Danan Henry Roshi

Karin Kempe Sensei, Ken Morgareidge Sensei and Peggy Sheehan Sensei offer Dokusan to all members at every scheduled sitting, unless the teacher is out of town.   Friends and visiting students of other Zen teachers are welcome to attend dokusan to get acquainted with the dokusan process and with the teachers, but regular dokusan is intended for members.