Lotus in the Flame Order

The bliss of the religious life is attainable by anyone who walks the Noble Eightfold path... Whatever people do, whether they remain in the world... or retire from the world and devote themselves to a life of religious meditation, let them put their whole heart into their task... and, if they are like the lotus, which, although it grows in the water yet remains untouched by the water... if they live in the world not a life of self, but a life of truth, then surely joy, peace, and bliss will dwell in their minds.
- Shakyamuni Buddha

The Lotus in the Flame Order is a Zen Buddhist religious order that has been developed at the Lotus in the Flame Temple for committed lay practitioners.  The requirements for entrance into this order are rigorous and the ongoing responsibilities of members are demanding. Membership in the Lotus in the Flame Order represents the highest commitment that one can make at our temple to realizing the Buddha Dharma and to live out of that clear understanding for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Members of the Lotus in the Flame Order work with the teachers to develop training forms and lead the Sangha in spiritual practice at the temple. In addition to their own personal practice duties, ordained members lead ceremonies and may be asked by their teacher to give Dharma talks and lead shosan as appropriate to their development.

Taking Jukai

The Way of the Teacher does not require one to go into homelessness or resign the world unless one feels called upon to do so; but the Way of the Teacher requires each individual to free themselves from the illusion of self, to cleanse the heart, to give up the thirst for pleasure, and lead a life of righteousness.
- Shakyamuni Buddha

Joining the Lotus in the Flame Order represents a lifelong commitment to the practice and realization of the Dharma within the context of a householder. Any formal student of Karin Sensei, Ken Sensei or Peggy Sensei, who has been a practicing member of the Center for a minimum of three years and is participating in Clouds and Water training (except in those cases where such participation is impossible due to one's circumstances), may undertake the preparation for Jukai with their teacher.