Blue Mountain Sesshin 2016

A shining window below the green pines –
Jade palaces or vermillion towers can’t compare with it.

– Shih-t’ou

A few photos from our Blue Mountain sesshin this year. Really, words cannot describe the profundity of silence felt there – a vast spaciousness filled with the cries of nighthawks, the feathery susurrus of hummingbirds’ wings, the whisper of wind and crack of thunder. Nor can they encompass the warm embrace of sangha or the dedication and insight of our teachers. Nine bows to all who made it possible!

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  1. Dido! Just wish I could have kept all the clarity that came to me there 🙂 Guess this leaves me with inspiration to practice regularly, which is exactly what I needed. Thanks to all the leaders and our teachers, for making it happen.


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