Our Architects: Semple Brown

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, December 27, the ZCD’s board of directors approved the selection of Semple Brown Design for the initial discovery phase of our building process.

The selection was made based on the recommendation of the design committee, composed of Karin Ryuku Kempe, Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, David Lee, Dennis Sienko and Joel Tagert. From a larger group of candidates suggested by the sangha, the committee selected three architectural firms for further interviews, during which they examined these candidates’ portfolios of previous projects, their working relationships in Denver, knowledge of environmentally sound building practices, ability to work within our budgetary constraints, and many other criteria.

Following the interviews, the committee recommended Semple Brown, a premier architectural firm with offices here in Denver, on Santa Fe Boulevard. Semple Brown is a well-established firm with a multitude of projects under their belts, ranging from private homes to large public works. Their three decades of experience give us tremendous confidence in their ability to aid and guide us throughout the planning and construction of our new temple, avoiding unnecessary and possibly costly pitfalls and seeing the project through to completion. We also appreciated the down-to-earth presences of Sarah Semple Brown, Rusty Brown and Chris Wineman, with whom we met, and their clear and avid enthusiasm for our project.

In the initial discovery phase, Semple Brown will develop a conceptual site plan to be presented to city agencies for approval, and from which a building contractor could generate a preliminary budget. An expanded design committee will work with the company to develop this plan, seeking input from the larger sangha at our sangha circle meetings, held each month this winter.

View of the Columbine property, looking east

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