Envisioning a Temple

On Sunday, March 5, the sangha gathered to hear (and see) a presentation by our architects of two initial site plans for our proposed temple at Columbine and Buchtel. With vivid enthusiasm, members examined the plans and provided feedback on the relative strengths and weaknesses of each, along with possible improvements or alterations.

For some months now, the architecture and design committee has been meeting weekly with our architects from Semple Brown Design, considering and refining possible layouts. Now, with the approval of the sangha, we can move forward in selecting a single design and proceeding with the design process. We hope and expect that within a few months we will have detailed site plans and three-dimensional renderings, which we will then present to the city for approval.

Following the meeting, eight or nine members spontaneously drove to the Columbine property, to walk around and envision the building. With a palpable sense of wonder and excitement, we paced off measurements and stood at various vantages, seeing in our mind’s eyes the refuge that would grow there, like a great tree from a small seed.

1 comment

  1. Sounds exciting, Joel. Thanks for the news. Are there any sketches you can scan in and send? [☺]

    Suzy Williams



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