Groundbreaking Ceremony July 29

The day has finally come: We’re building a temple!

After years of planning and activity, and with the very generous support of a large group of donors, we are now ready to begin construction on a new home for the Zen Center of Denver. As we start this new phase, we invite you to a groundbreaking ceremony at 1856 S. Columbine Street from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 29, by way of celebrating this important milestone for our community.

One of Denver’s oldest meditation communities, the Zen Center of Denver is a lay Buddhist sangha founded in 1974. Our mission is to provide Zen practice and training to all those who wish to uncover their innate wisdom and compassion and live with greater awareness.

In the fall of 2016, the ZCD purchased a 12,000-square-foot property close to the University of Denver, where over the next year we will build a new Zen temple, a place of beauty, peace and refuge.

To mark the occasion, our three teachers (Karin Ryuku Kempe, Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge and Peggy Metta Sheehan) will lead a groundbreaking ceremony, performing a ritual purification of the grounds, and talk about the significance of the event. There will also be information on the next phase of the project, including a contemplative garden.

Food and beverages will offered afterward, along with some small giveaways. Family, friends, neighbors and the general public are all very welcome. Please come celebrate this important step in providing Denver with a lasting home for authentic Zen practice and an essential community resource for promoting greater awareness, peace and compassion.

view from park cropped

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