The Sweetness of Today


By Peggy Metta Sheehan

Good morning, friends. I thought I might continue the thread of Pooh and friends. The photo and caption really say it all, so feel free not to read anymore.

Feel free to simply enjoy the sweetness of today, the warmth and tenderness of connection. Whether you live alone or with family, roommates, pets, or plants, drop beneath the surface of interaction and truly enjoy connection to one another, to one’s self, to birds, trees and clouds.

Feel the support of your home and the earth as you gently and thoughtfully move within it. Tread lightly and carefully with all of the “things” that support you today – your toothbrush and dishes, your books and computers, your socks and shoes, your chairs and countertops. Be nourished not just by the food and drink that you take in, but also by each breath that you inhale and by each sight, sound, smell and touch that invites you again and again to this day.

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