New Temple Renderings

Last Sunday, architect Todd Afflerbaugh of Semple Brown Design kindly presented to the sangha the most recent renderings of our planned temple building at 1856 S. Columbine. The most noticeable change is the significant alteration in the second-story floor plan, which allows for a more interesting stepped roof form on the southwest corner. The renderings also show some additional detail in terms of materials. We hope you’ll agree that it’s looking beautiful!

exterior-view from buchtell

exterior-view from park

zendo-Concealed Truss w wood ceiling

A Thousand Hands, Building a Temple

As our fundraising drive for our new temple continues, we will be taking photos of our donors’ hands in the cosmic mudra, which we use for Zen meditation (zazen). Each of these individuals contributed generously to the project, allowing their understanding to manifest concretely in the world, for the benefit of all. Join hands with us, make a donation, and together we’ll create something wonderful!

Temple Building Project: Architectural Renderings

After many months of meetings and discussion with our architects at Semple Brown Design, we are excited to show these initial concept renderings of our new center at Columbine and Buchtel.

Many considerations factored into the design, including a desire to acknowledge our roots in Japanese Zen temple architecture while embracing a more modern form that will fit into the largely residential University neighborhood. Modest, warm and welcoming, this 7,000-square-foot building will comprise two stories on the western side, with a single-story, 1,500-square-foot zendo on the east. With Prairie Park immediately to the south, those windows will look out to a pleasant stretch of grassland, or to an enclosed Zen garden adjacent the zendo (loosely indicated by the small maple and boulder in the third image below).

Note that while these architectural renderings are placed in situ, they do not show landscaping, trees, or fences. They may also not show building materials or finishes, as these details have yet to be decided. With that said, we are happy to move forward with the contracting and budgeting phase of our building process, and hope to have your support as we begin fundraising in earnest.

view from columbine
View from Columbine Street
view from buchtell
View from Buchtel Boulevard
view from park
View from Prairie Park