Mountains Talking Summer 2016

Our summer 2016 issue of our quarterly newsletter, Mountains Talking, is now available, and regular readers will notice that this issue presents a considerable departure from past issues, with a photo cover, a two-page layout and several new features, including “Comings and Goings” and “In the Marketplace.” The new layout and features will, I hope, allow us to better showcase our community and our sangha members’ talents and contributions. It also opens the possibility of print editions in the future. I hope you enjoy it, and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

You can download the newsletter via the link below. For those interested, we do also maintain an archive of past issues, which you can find via the link in Resources menu.

Also, submissions are always welcome and desired! Send your Zen-related essays, poems, artwork and photos to

MT 2016 Summer

Blue Mountain Sesshin 2016

A shining window below the green pines –
Jade palaces or vermillion towers can’t compare with it.

– Shih-t’ou

A few photos from our Blue Mountain sesshin this year. Really, words cannot describe the profundity of silence felt there – a vast spaciousness filled with the cries of nighthawks, the feathery susurrus of hummingbirds’ wings, the whisper of wind and crack of thunder. Nor can they encompass the warm embrace of sangha or the dedication and insight of our teachers. Nine bows to all who made it possible!