As we are in the process of building a new temple, currently all Zen Center of Denver events are held at rented practice locations.

Except for Tuesday evenings, all of our regular daily sittings are held at the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 South Monroe Street, Denver (see map in sidebar, right). Our Tuesday evening sittings are held at Mayu Sanctuary, 1804 South Pearl Street.

Special events such as zazenkai (all-day sittings) and sesshin (weeklong retreats) are held are various locations; please check the calendar or email the office for more information.

Please do not attempt to enter “Zen Center of Denver” into a navigation app such as Google Maps to find us, as this will direct you only to our post office. However, if this does occur, you may note that the post office is across the street (and kitty-corner) from the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center.