Mindfulness Workshop March 21: Mindful Parenting

This three-hour workshop is for parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone hoping to live and work more gently, kindly and gracefully with children of all ages. Kind attention and mindful listening are the keys to all successful and loving relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. These skills can be learned, practiced and strengthened. Whether you have meditation experience or not, all are welcome to come explore this wonderfully rich and challenging topic.

The workshop will be held from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 21. It will be led by doctors Peggy Sheehan and Nancy Carlson, long-time meditators and pediatricians each with thirty years experience.

Dr. Carlson has practiced pediatrics in the Denver area for the past thirty years. She and her husband enjoy the rewards of having raised two daughters to adulthood. She trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction with Dr. Sheehan many years ago and incorporates a mindfulness practice into her daily life. Dr. Carlson has noticed a marked rise in mental health issues in her pediatric practice over the past few decades as well as significant stress in the life of parents. She strongly believes in the power of contemplative practices to help foster healthy families.

Dr. Sheehan, also a practicing pediatrician for thirty years, is one of the three spiritual directors of the Zen Center of Denver. She has taught mindfulness-based stress reduction to many adults and teens through Kaiser Permanente and its MBSR program over the last fifteen years. Dr. Sheehan and Dr. Carlson, old friends and colleagues, are teaming up to offer some practical and powerful means for supporting families in these rapidly changing and challenging times. Sometimes the old, natural, simple and wise remedies are the best.

The suggested donation for the workshop is $35 for ZCD members and seniors or $50 for non-members. It will be held at the Zen Center of Denver, 1856 S. Columbine Street in Denver. Click here to register. 

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