Recent Teisho

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 6/5/2020, BCR 62, Yun-men’s One Treasure

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 6/4/2020, BCR 78, The Bodhisattvas Take a Bath

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 6/3/2020, Mindfulness of the Body

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 4/19/2020, BCR 45, Tung-shan’s Cold and Heat

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 3/29/2020, The Karma of This Moment

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 03/01/2020, Your Original Face

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 02/23/2020, Gateless Barrier (GB) 1, Mu

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 02/02/2020, GB 16, Yumen’s the Sound of the Bell and the Seven-Piece Robe

Cathy Wright, 01/26/2020, What is Directly in Front of Us

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 01/05/20, Transmission of the Lamp (TOL) 30, Huike to Sengcan

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 12/7/19, Blue Cliff Record (BCR) 26, What is that Matter of Special Wonder?

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 12/05/19, BCR 53, Baizhang’s Wild Duck

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 12/4/19, GB 1, Chao-chou’s Mu

Francine Campone, 11/24/19, Talk on the Precepts

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 9/29/19, Dogen’s Dropping Away of Dropping Away

Clark Dollard, 9/8/19, Music, Dance, and Improvisation as Spiritual Practice

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 8/18/19, GB 45, Wu-tsu’s Who is that Other

Geoff Keeton, 8/4/19, The Story of Ch’ien

Cathy Wright, 7/21/19, Understanding is Our Continuous Mistake

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 6/29/19, Everyone Has Their Own Mystery

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 6/27/19, The Mountains are Walking

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 6/26/19, These Mountains and Rivers are Themselves the Sutra

Dennis Sienko, 6/16/19, Ordinary Mind

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 5/19/19, Peace

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 5/12/19, Teisho for Mother’s Day, Sonin’s Shadeless Tree

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 4/28/19, BCR 17, Xianglin Gets Tired

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 3/31/19, GB 24, Abandon Words and Silence

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 3/17/19, In the Midst of Life…

Bill Hamaker, 3/10/19, The Three Tenets

Dennis Sienko, 2/10/19, Enlightenment Criteria: The Story of Hui-neng

George Mathews, 1/27/19, The Four Noble Truths, Four Great Vows, and Mu

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 1/13/19, Magnanimous Mind, Vast Heart

Flower Ceremony for George Mathews, 12/6/18

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 12/3/18, GB 1, Zhaozhou’s Dog

Mike Griffiths, 11/18/18, Talk on the Precepts

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 11/11/18, Teisho for Bernie Glassman

George Mathews, 9/30/18, Confusion

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 9/23/18, The Indestructible Dharma Body

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 9/16/18, Book of Serenity (SER) 75, Zuigan’s Everlasting Principle

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 9/9/2018, BCR 46, The Sound of Raindrops

Cathy Wright, 7/22/2018, GB 38, An Oak Tree in the Garden

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 7/15/2018, GB 4, Wakuin’s Beardless Barbarian

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 5/20/2018, BCR 61, One Atom

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 4/29/2018, GB 1, Zhaozhou’s Dog

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 4/22/2018, GB 40, Kicking Over a Water Bottle

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 4/15/2018, Entangling Vines (EV) 196, Zhang Zhuo Sees the Sutra

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 3/25/2018, GB 25, Preaching from the Third Seat

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 3/18/18, Remembering Tangen Roshi

Cathy Wright, 3/4/2018, No Trace

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 2/25/2018, Treasury of the True Dharma Eye (TDE) 59, Plum Blossoms

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 2/18/2018, GB 2, Hyakujo’s Fox

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 1/28/2018, GB 8, Keichu’s Wheel

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 1/7/2018, BCR 14, An Appropriate Statement

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 12/7/2017, Sesshin Day 5, Diamond Sutra

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 12/5/2017, Sesshin Day 3, Diamond Sutra

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 12/3/2017, Sesshin Day 1, Diamond Sutra

Dennis Sienko, 11/19/2017, The Precepts

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 11/5/17, Zazenkai, BCR 100, Baling’s Sword

Ed Reyes, 10/22/2017, My Life of Practice

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 10/15/2017, BCR 21, Lotus Flower, Lotus Leaves

Cathy Wright, 9/24/17, GB 23, Don’t Think Good, Don’t Think Evil

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 9/17/17, SER 12, Jizo Plants the Rice Field

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 9/10/17, GB 14, Nansen Cuts the Cat in Two

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 8/13/17, Zazenkai, TDE 8, Washing the Face

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 7/23/17, BCR 50, Every Atom Samadhi

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 7/2/17, BCR 25, The Hermit’s Staff

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 6/11/17, SER 4, The World Honored One Points to the Ground

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 4/9/17, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood

David Lee, 3/26/17, My Practice

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 3/19/17, SER 23, Lu Tsu Faces the Wall

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 2/26/17, GB 5, Kyogen Mounts the Tree

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 2/19/17, GB 12, Juyen Calls Master

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 2/12/17, Right Intention

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 1/29/17, Great Faith, Great Doubt, Great Determination

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 1/22/17, Zazenkai, GB 20, A Person of Great Strength

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 1/15/17, What is Enlightenment?

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 12/8/16, Sesshin Day 5

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 12/6/16, Sesshin Day 3

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 12/4/16, Sesshin Day 1, Light a Fire

Merilee Schulthesis, 11/20/2016, The Precepts

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 11/6/2016, Seminar, BCR 11, Huang-Po and the Brewer’s Lees

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 10/22/2016, Zazenkai, GB 1, Mu

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 10/16/2016

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 10/2/2016, GB 41, Bodhidharma Pacifies the Mind (initially recorded 4/11/2010)

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 9/18/2016, Zazenkai

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 9/11/2016, Seminar, Zen’s Direct Approach

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 7/24/2016

Jason Polk, 7/7/2016

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 7/10/2016, Heart of Compassion

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 6/12/2016

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 5/22/2016, Zazenkai

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 5/15/2016, BCR 36, Roaming in the Mountains

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 5/1/2016, GB 32, The Buddha Sat Still

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 4/3/2016, Zazenkai, GB 1, Zhaozhou’s Dog

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 3/20/2016

Melanie, 3/13/2016

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 3/5/2016

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 2/28/2016, GB 17, The National Teacher Calls Three Times

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 2/21/2016

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 2/6/2016, Zazenkai

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 1/17/2016, Zazenkai, There is Nothing You Must Be

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 1/10/2016, Completely Sitting: What is Shikantaza?

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 12/10/2015, Sesshin

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 12/08/2015, Sesshin, BCR 26, Sitting Alone at Daiyu Peak

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 12/06/2015, Sesshin

Cathy Wright, 11/23/2015, Dharma talk on the Precepts

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 11/09/2015, GB 16, Yun-Men’s Seven Piece Robe

Mike Griffiths, 11/1/2015, Senior Student Talk

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 10/18/2015

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 10/4/2015, BCR 74, Chin Niu’s Rice Bucket and the Ceremony of the Gate of Sweet Nectar

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 9/27/2015, SER 20, Jizo’s Most Intimate

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 9/20/2015

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 9/13/2015, Your Own Vow

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, Zazenkai, 7/20/2015

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 6/7/2015, BCR 88, Hsuan Sha’s Man with Three Disabilities

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 5/10/2015, BCR 89, The Hands and Eyes of the Bodhisattva of Compassion

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 4/19/2015, BCR 13, Pa Ling’s Snow in a Silver Bowl

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 4/12/2015, GB 35, Ch’ien and Her Spirit Separated

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 3/22/2015, GB 13, Te-shan Carries His Bowls

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 3/1/2015, TDE 31, Te-shan’s Thirty Blows

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 2/28/2015, BCR 43, Tung-shan’s No Cold or Heat

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