Recent Teisho

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 07/23/17

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 06/11/17

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 04/09/17

David Lee, Dharma Talk by a Senior Student, 03/26/17

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 03/19/17

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 02/12/17

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 01/29/17

Peggy Metta Sheenan, 01/22/17, Zazenkai

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 01/15/17

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 12/8/16, Sesshin Day 5

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 12/06/16, Sesshin Day 3

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 12/04/16, Sesshin Day 1

Dharma Talk on Precepts – 11/20/2016 – Merilee Schulthesis

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 11/6/2016, Seminar

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 10/22/2016

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 10/22/2016, Mu, Zazenkai

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 04/11/2010 (recording played on 10/2/2016)

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 9/18/2016, Zazenkai

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 09/11/2016, Seminar

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 7/24/2016

Jason Polk, Dharma Talk by a Senior Student, 7/7/2016

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 07/10/2016, Heart of Compassion

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 6/12/2016

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 5/22/2016, Zazenkai

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 05/15/2016, Chang Sha Goes Wandering BRC 36

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 05/01/2016, The Buddha Sat Still

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 04/03/2016, Zazenkai

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 03/20/2016

Melanie, Dharma Talk, 03/13/2016

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 03/05/2016

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 02/28/2016

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 02/21/2016

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 01/17/2016, Zazenkai

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 02/06/2016, Zazenkai

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 01/10/2016, Completely Sitting: What is Shikantaza?

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 12/10/2015, December Sesshin

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 12/08/2015, December Sesshin

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 12/06/2015, December Sesshin

Dharma talk on the Precepts by Cathy Wright, 11/23/2015

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 11/09/2015

Wu-men Kuan 16 Yun-Men”s Seven-Piece Robe

Senior student talk by Mike Griffiths, 11/1/2015

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 10/18/2015

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 10/4/2015

Chin Niu’s Rice Bucket, BCR #74, and the Ceremony of the Gate of Sweet Nectar

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 9/27/2015

Wandering at Random

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 9/20/2015

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 9/13/2015
Your Own Vow

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, Zazenkai, 7/20/2015

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 6/7/2015

Blue Cliff Record, Case 88: Hsuan Sha’s Man with Three Disabilities

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 5/10/2015

Blue Cliff Record, Case 89: The Hands and Eyes of the Bodhisattva of Compassion

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 4/19/2015

Blue Cliff Record, Case 13: Pa Ling’s Snow in a Silver Bowl

Karin Ryuku Kempe, 4/12/2015

Gateless Barrier, Case 35: Ch’ien and Her Spirit Separated

Peggy Metta Sheehan, 3/22/2015

Gateless Barrier, Case 13: Te-shan Carries His Bowls

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 3/1/2015

True Dharma Eye, Case 31: Te-shan’s Thirty Blows

Ken Tetsuzan Morgareidge, 2/28/2015

Blue Cliff Record, Case 43: Tung-shan’s No Cold or Heat

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