Weekly Mindfulness Exercise

The weekly exercises that we discuss after Friday morning zazen are taken from Jan Chozen Bays’ book How to Train a Wild Elephant. Below is this week’s exercise and the Zoom link for Friday mornings. Please note: ALL are welcome to come and sit zazen for two rounds on Friday whether or not you are doing the mindfulness activity!

Exercise 21
See the Color Blue

The Exercise: Become aware of the color blue wherever it appears in your environment. Look not just for the obvious instances, such as the sky, but also for subtle appearances and for all variations of blue.

Reminding Yourself

Put a small dot of blue marker on the back of your hand, or inside your wrist. Stick little squares of blue paper up around the house where you’ll see them, on doors, on the refrigerator, and so on.

When you notice these reminders, pause for a moment to look around you for the color blue. It could be any tint of blue, and any size from a small dot to a large expanse.

It may help to soften your gaze and “invite” the color blue to appear.

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