Nearing the Finish

As summer draws to a close and fall begins, we are very near to completing the first phase of our temple building project, and just yesterday our members again toured our new temple at 1856 S. Columbine. Much has changed since last we saw it, with outside stucco and roofing completed, wood floors in the zendo and dining hall installed, and inside doors, fixtures and a great deal else complete.

There has also been incredible progress on our Zen garden, with many of the boulders in place and work well along on the walkways and other hardscape features. We hope to plant some shrubs and trees before winter, and complete planting in the spring.

Currently our projected completion date is mid-October – just about a month away! Then we’ll be busy as bees with moving and settling in.


Meditation at the People’s Building

The Zen Center of Denver is happy to be offering interfaith meditation every Wednesday from 12:10 p.m. to about 1:00 p.m. at the People’s Building, 9995 E. Colfax Avenue in Aurora. One of our senior members or teachers will give very brief instruction in seated meditation, followed by a 25-minute round of meditation and a short question-and-answer period for those able to stay longer. This regular event is free, so stop by and recharge on your lunch break!

A Flourishing Temple

Our new temple continues to grow and develop, with drywall now installed and the builders moving steadily toward interior and exterior finishes. Currently we remain on track to open our doors sometime in October. Enjoy the photos!