Archives now online

ZCD members and friends will be happy to know that our archives of both the Mountains Talking newsletter and of recorded teisho are now available on our website under the Resources menu. These archives reach back to late 1999, and the hundreds of recorded teisho in particular represent an invaluable resource for Zen students. Enjoy!


Welcome to the new website for the Zen Center of Denver! Whether you’re a longtime ZCD member or completely new to Zen, please explore and enjoy. Along with a cleaner look, the new website offers some notable new features, including:

• dynamic blog content, including excerpts from teisho and highlights of upcoming events

• integration with Google Calendar, through the Calendar page and the Upcoming events sidebar

• integration with Google Maps, through the sidebar map

• audio recordings of teisho, through the Recorded Teisho page

• integration with social media apps, including the ZCD Facebook page

Of course, this site is still under construction, and both appearance and content will continue to develop as we refine our vision. Thanks!